Sunday, April 02, 2006


just got through with my finals and now i'm trying to enjoy a class-free vacation.

initially planned to take at least a class this summer, just to speed up things for me. (see, i still lack 12 academic units, after that, there's the comprehensive tests - if i pass them, thesis is next.)

i want to finish my master's degree by 2nd semester of 2007. help!!!

done with the april deadlines for the magazine but here's may issue already - obvious, right?

deadlines, deadlines.

but who am i to complain? we all have our deadlines - at school, to our cranky boss - even settling down, there's deadline also to this.

it's all a matter of time management for one to beat his or her deadline/s, either in a breeze or in bloody ways imaginable and not.

OK, trying to finish some research work here - deadlines, deadlines, deadlines.
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