Tuesday, July 11, 2006

They're All Talking Greek

yesterday, i had for lunch/snack the following:

inflation targeting
Basel II Accord
International Accounting Standards
non-performing assets
Special Purpose Vehicle Act
balance of payment surplus

(and many more - from my EIC's and i's interview yesterday, which i need to write tonight and submit tomorrow)

this morning, i had for breakfast the following:

theoretical overviews on political sociology
power (zero sum, elitist, pluralist, balance of power, among other things)
gold standard (The Great Depression)
self-regulating market
double movement
protective tariff
keynesian state (political economy)
1st, 2nd, present era of globalization
liberal capitalism
French Revolution
absolutist state (as compared/contrasted with feudal state)

(a lot more - from my political sociology class - wow)

don't ask me to explain all things mentioned here - just remembering them makes me so, so, so sleepy - what more with my political economy class later

now, excuse me, i need to prepare my snack (read more about political economy)

i want to throw up now (grr!!!)