Thursday, March 22, 2007

And they are all running

Just woke up from a nap, and checked online news, when I came across this - my former newspaper boss and my Sociology prof last semester are running this elections.

OK. I remember my newspaper boss well, though I only had one chance to work closely with him. Remember him through the following, from my old blog, parts are here:

...Now this is big deal digression.
Above all, (I guess) I’ll miss the EVPhehehe. He’s handsome and he’s turning 36 this March 17.
When I came in, he was the first one that I earnestly looked at. I had a crush on him during my first few months here....
But I had a chance to work with him when he tapped me to do the banner story of the anniversary issue of the newspaper last year. I was retrenched and was kept here then. He asked until when would I be staying then, my editor said that I would remain here.
Good, he said, he summoned me to his desk and we discussed what he wanted me to do for the story.
Days that followed were heaven and hell.... He always asked me if I like this and that draft of the story, all I can say then was yes. He probed, are you sure? Hey, who am I to argue with the boss? So I sort of enjoyed and endured my work with him.
After the anniv issue came out, as he promised he e-mailed me pointers such as write as if I’m talking to my little sister, avoid legalese, techno speak (the article that he asked me to write – why does advertising in newspaper makes sense? – are filled with such legalese, techno speak, based on my readings and interviews)....
Lastly, he said, "I hope you like that article that came out. Thank you for doing the job and until next assignment." Unfortunately, there’ll be no next assignment for me to work with him....

As for my UP prof, he's one of the best professors I had. Despite all the gray hair and the signs of age that mark his face, he strikes as cool prof - coming to class with back pack at that. He prepares for every lesson, with his guide ready at hand, listening well to us reporting, and taking down notes from our reports. His fact-based opinions, evident in his scholarly writings and journalistic outputs, are thought-provoking reads and are respected both in national and international communities.

I remember not participating much in his Seminar in Political Sociology class - it was every 9am of Tuesdays, an ungodly time to have heavy concepts to digest - so I resolved to do well in my last report, and got noticed for that, saying I reported well on globalization, religion, and politics, particularly Samuel Huntington's "Clash of Civilizations", and commended me for the initiative to read other materials other than those assigned. I did well in our finals, I believe, getting 1.25 as course grade (I brag here since I'm just proud I got such grade for that difficult, readings-packed course I got). But don't know if this prof remembers me though.

So, I'm surprised that two persons I actually know are joining the circus this May. I believe they are doing their best already in the fields they are in, why join politics? Just wondering. Oh, well, this is a democratic country. You can do whatever you want - get a celebrity to build up your chances of winning the polls, air cheesy or pop ads to create recall among voters, max your schedule for all the campaigning you need.

And what right I've got to babble here? I'm not voting - I didn't try my best to make it to the last day of voters' registration. Though I served as NAMFREL volunteer in the 2001 elections, I felt after I lost the drive to be a socially responsible citizen. Prior to that, I joined EDSA II thinking I'm contributing to change, but looked what happened after - "Hello, Garci?". And that I became obsessed in making myself a responsible person than being a socially responsible citizen. Oh, well.

So, to my newspaper boss and UP prof, good luck.
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