Saturday, March 03, 2007

Smoking is dangerous to your health

i don't know what got into me yesterday.

chatting online with a friend yesterday - so we talk etc. etc. - until i asked him to teach me how to smoke.

he didn't agree, says, "no way." but after much prodding, he says later, OK, we all go through experiment. he worries my lungs might not be able to handle it or let alone my blood pressure. later, he says again he's not sure about teaching me, but promised to bring two sticks once we meet soon.

i asked him again if he really don't like the idea of me smoking - he says, he doesn't want me to smoke, it's not cool, and it KILLS. he asked me, why i want to smoke? am i antsy about work? said, no, i just want to explore now, and that i asked him to teach me because i know i'll be in good hands if i'm with him. he shares he started smoking back during his newspaper days, when he was about my age (i'm 26 now, mid-20s, and for him, this was almost two decades ago, hehehe). now, he smokes a stick every five days (oh??? hehehe) to calm his nerves. he just warns me not to dare him to get marijuana, he pukes here, hehehe. i punched, what if he teach me to drink also? now i'm talking, he laughs. he says he's not a big drinker and i replied, just a touch of liquor on my lips makes me want to throw up.

ha, nice friend, he wants me to remain healthy. i think i might give it a try once he hands me a stick - i have a lighter by the way. whenever a friend or one in the room asks for a light, i volunteer mine. they ask if i smoke, i say no, i just have it because of the flashlight (this one you can buy from sidewalks for P50). if ever, i can make real use to it now...

or maybe i was just babbling to him yesterday that's why i brought up the idea of me smoking... oh well...

did i say that i had sneezed and coughed a lot earlier today when a burly-looking man was walking ahead of me, and there, like a dragon, his smoke instantly mingled with the 8am air already filled with Ortigas's pollution, hit right to my face... achoo!!! that was bad. it was second-hand smoke. now, can i take it if i smoke? don't know... but if i get it right, more suffers from lung cancer due to second-hand smoke...

well, my friend will be there in case something happens, hehehe.
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