Tuesday, June 05, 2007

2 sides of Lynda

Lynda got to know the two sides of her yesterday from two different e-mails.

"Congratulations on the articles you wrote...." - part of an e-mail from her prof (actually, it was more of a "letter to the editor" thingie, since the prof pointed a minor, grammatical error to her).

Lynda reread again the e-mail, and just wrote to the prof how ironic that congratulations is to her now, since...

"You're not the old Lynda...." - this is from one person who believes in whatever talent Lynda have, and whom she respects as a mentor (Lynda hopes that person still believes, that's why it's still in the present tense)

Who's the old Lynda, by the way?

Will she ever come back?

"You're not the old Lynda...." - this person perfectly articulated what Lynda is going through now.

Binigyan niya ng pangalan ang anumang nararamdaman, o ang estadong wala at gusto niyang, wala nang maramdaman....
Pagbibigay pangalang nakapagpapaluha kay Lynda ngayon....

Who's the old Lynda, by the way?

Hindi ko alam kung babalik pa siya - o kung gusto pa niya ang dating siya....

Nagbabago ang mga bagay-bagay, pero siya, nagbabago para saan?

She's destructing, yet, she wants to preserve her self.

But until when?

Sana, tama ang gagawin niya - kung may gagawin siya....
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