Thursday, August 23, 2007

Escape to Tioman

As promised, R (my mahal), sent me photo (which he took) of Tioman, a resort island at the east coast of Malaysia, and was the site of the Broadway musical turned movie in 1958, South Pacific (though in the film, Tioman was named as Bali Ha'i).

While we're being hit by typhoons the last two weeks, Tioman (at neighboring Malaysia) looked so serene, as what mahal said, Tioman's hot but beautiful, a good place for honeymoon (ehem, ehem, ehem).

I was a bit worried though when my mahal told me they had a trip, since I'm thinking that it's typhoon season already in some parts of Asia (and across the globe as well), making waters rough, but good thing, they (bosses, guests, crew, and captain R) arrived there safely and came back with no incidence.

Just looking at the photo, the blue, calm sea makes me want to leave now and escape to Tioman - well, obviously, I can't do that now....

Now, I'll just look at the photo every time I feel I'm drowning here....

But for those who can escape right away, following are more information about Tioman (though check always for updates):

From Wikitravel
Tioman is also known as Pulau Tioman
From Asia Travel

R, mahal, thanks for the pic.
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