Saturday, September 01, 2007

Panicky Friday

I think another month passed me by - and I don't think I did something sensible the past month - or the past months. Well, not about my life in general, but an aspect of it (blogged about it during it's worst month - June).

And how I ended the eighth month?

Woke up bloody. As in, menstrual pains suck. But couldn't be bothered since I had to work. So I gulped medication every eight hours or so.

Rattled my brains in the afternoon. With some investment concepts I have very little understanding. Think though I researched enough, equipped myself well, and didn't look and sound that stupid with my interviewee.

Got frozen in the late afternoon. The office AC is old, but it's like an ice factory because it bursts so cold. Had to cut my transcribing once in a while to rub my hands to warm me a bit. Brr.

Was cranky toward the evening. How can I not go cranky if my prospect subject declined to be interviewed - after weeks of pursuing him/her??? They were informed of the deadline way ahead, and only be bothered NOW to inform us that they can't accommodate us. I mean, I've been in this business for quite some time already and I know such thing happens, but when it happens, I really go nuts.

Another source of crankiness earlier was when I learned that the PR of another subject we're pursuing passed us to another PR. Turned out they're not really representing the subject. I mean, if this is the case, they should have bothered to inform us way ahead that's the arrangement so we could have gotten in touch with the right people. In cases like this, I sometimes feel not all in this business are fit here (I also feel it at times, but I know I'm cut for this - braggart me).

Hunger hit me on my way home. I knew I was hungry already before that afternoon interview but had no time to grab a bite. Only had coffee when I got back to the office. After I finished my transcription past 8pm, my tummy was begging me to feed it something. But I didn't heed since all I wanted was to go home. I only grabbed a hotdog sandwich and gulped a 500ml of mineral water once I arrived at my train destination and finished those as we waited for the FX taxi to leave.

Got pissed off with the guard. The crankiness was still on, so when I'm about to take my train ride, queue to get a prepaid card, and queue again for the ride, I got so pissed off with the guard who insisted I opened widely my shoulder bag. I mean, I opened it before my turn to the line, but he was this - how to put it - either really was doing his job - or was just a show off (there are really guys with arms who are like that).

Thing was, my cloth bag, which contained only papers and book didn't cooperate with the situation. The guard couldn't open it as it got tangled in my right arm. He muttered, to paraphrase, "Pinapahirapan pa kasi ang buhay, eh." Sure I annoyed the hell out of those passengers next to me since I stalled the line. But it's me who got annoyed first with the guard's arrogance - or I was just cranky to take that as an arrogance, if he's just doing his job. As far as I remember I didn't mutter anything, but my stilleto stares were enough for him to finish fumbling at my stuff. Or i failed to consider the heightened security we have here now that's why the "extra" measure they're implementing at vital installations like transport terminals. I still got annoyed though.

And my intuition worked tonight. I had to take a jeep, since I didn't make to the FX terminal on my way home (for my second FX ride, that is). But there's this drunk guy who sat beside me, kept fishing things from his pocket, that I somewhat got nervous.

The panic mode set in and although I'm still quite far from home, I got off at a hospital. I had a bad feeling about that guy. I was a hold-up victim twice so I don't want a third time. It took me quite a while to get another jeep ride that finally took me home. While waiting though, I sang and sang to keep myself amused while still on guard at that.

And though I forgot my guardian angel's name, but I prayed that he/she would protect me - as I said earlier, "Please, let me be home safe. I don't think it's my time now to die or what. I still can do a difference in society, you know?" Yeah, that's how I prayed - and convinced my angel to be with me earlier. And my angel - and the Lord - protected me - as well as those who all they wanted was to go home and be with their loved ones.

Although I had a tiring and panicky Friday, my little brother (actually he's taller than I, but he's our youngest), chatted with me a bit, and made lambing, although I'm really annoyed whenever he messes my hair. But still, that somewhat eased my tiredness.

And to see my mommy and middle brother watching TV (as usual) made me OK - at least I know we're all safe here - and together.

And boyfriend Robin was nice enough to tell me via SMS he's trying to get online but to no avail (since we always try to chat before going to sleep, just to catch up). And that seeing this (drum roll, please) tonight made me smiled so wide. Ha! Well, looks like I influenced him on something huh?

I'm OK - for now - and still has writing to do - but blogging these - and the "little things" that made my panicky Friday to a better Friday will serve as reminder, that no matter what bad happens, there's always something better waiting for us all. And we should still be thankful, even for the little things that made our day.

Thank God it's Friday!
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