Wednesday, September 12, 2007

That special weekend with Robin

(Pardon the following display of mushiness. Thanks.)

Still remembering that time I got to spend with you - still can't believe though that weekend really transpired.

That chicken and pork adobo was surely sumptuous to look and eat, and it's good you said our dish was good.

That long walk from mall to mall was nothing, as I got to walk with you.

That sci-fi horror was not scary at all, when there was you I got to hold hands with and lean my head on (never mind that drunk Yank [as you described] who caught our attention as he entered noisily in the middle of the film).

That Kiwi cheese cake was a novel concept for me, but I enjoyed it as much as you liked your slice.

Those conversations we had - together with my friend - were talks that happened naturally between long-time friends, as if we were just catching up on each other, and not seeing each for the first time at that.

That following Sunday morning was, I knew, would be mushy, me I guess starting it with sending you a bouquet of red roses that I coursed through the concierge.

The artifacts at the San Agustin Museum maybe centuries old, but I had a new look on them, as how you admired those collection of ours.

The international book fair maybe had a small number of exhibitors this year, but I had a great time (although was frustrated at first) as I got to find that rare book title as my gift to you - that you can get a glimpse of how we are through the best literary pieces of the 20th century.

The sunset - I got to re-appreciate it, when you asked where's the best view we could see it (since we're quite far from the Manila Bay area). After we hopped from place to place, I got to relax and to listen more to your stories while we were seating down at that makeshift stage outside the trade hall where the book fair was held.

Stephen King might scared me a lot, but you're there beside me whenever I got surprised every time a scene popped out - and glad you were convinced now that you can't help but just laugh at audiences who have hysterical reactions (screaming and all that) while watching a horror film.

It was a special weekend, although it was first filled with anxiety on my part. I thought that would be the end - I was ill to anticipate for those images of you going right back to the airport and boarding the first aircraft you could get since you would have realized it's not really me that you've like - and learned to love - via long-distance.

But my fears were unfounded and you made me realized that. And today, we're on our second month! Hard to maintain because of the distance, but since you said you're for the third, and you're committed in this, then, I'm also looking forward for more special weekends to spend with you, Robin.

Robin handsome and Lynda cute on our way to the book fair - September 2, 2007

P.S. Robin has a different version of that weekend. But I say my version is more accurate, hahaha.
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