Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Welcome 2008

Praying has been my way to bid good bye the old year and welcome the new one.

While a variant of fireworks lit the evening sky and cool monsoon breezed with 2008 revelry, I thanked God for my 2007 and prayed that my 2008 will be:

2007: Taking care of my mommy and my brothers, and for us surviving another year of occasional family misunderstanding, financial stretches, and sickness bouts

2008: Help me become a more responsible daughter and sister

My 27th birthday cake for the family

2007: Hurdling the challenges I faced in my career, continuing to write, having mentors who both criticize and encourage me to further my craft, and getting opportunities that not only adding to my income but also honing my talent
2008: Hone my craft and continue to improve it to prepare myself for opportunities elsewhere and tap more more worthy breaks for career development and additional income
2007: Helping me to become financially-savvy

2008: Improve my finances through careful spending and continuous saving

2007: Advancing myself through graduate education and realizing there is better academic opportunity for me elsewhere
2008: Exit gracefully from my graduate studies, as I pursue, in the near future, an opportunity to academically further myself abroad
2007: Spending, even short and spontaneous, but quality time with my friends for life

2008: Have more quality time with my friends for life

Coffee after La Naval 2007

Our Halloween party

Happy with Jayme, the December bride

Bonding at Tagaytay

Coffee treat from our UST Varsitarian adviser, Sir Lito (seated, seventh from left)

2007: Giving me the gift of love, and that's Robin, the only man I love and will always love
2008: Improve to be a better, caring, loving, and understanding fiancee to my "mahal", as Robin and I walk the path to a married life, and 2008 will be the start for us, together

My "mahal" is still handsome even if he's not facing the camera :-)

Us at Varsi amihan's Halloween party

2007: Achieving relative peace and stability for my country

2008: Pray, and work in my own little way, for my country's further stability, and of course, world peace
= = = = =

2008 is a leap year, though I have an extra day to fulfill all these endeavors, I will not be lax in achieving all these, so I'm starting now.

Blessed New Year to all!!!
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