Monday, February 25, 2008

A year and counting

Where to invest in 2008 and how to spot the scam, get out from debt, be rich and happy, and have a golden retirement, are the stories packed in MoneySense’s 1st year issue.

Also learn how Ricky Carandang, a former stockbrocker, is now regarded as one of the country’s top TV journalists, plus his tips on how you can filter the news from noise while making savvy investment decisions. Sought-after motivational speaker Francis Kong, meanwhile, writes about money as an attitude issue.

MoneySense – founded by veteran business and finance journalists with a combined 50 years of publishing experience – also has stories on what you need to know about bonds, online stock trading, and e-banks, plus go through romantic restaurant suggestions for Valentine’s, the 10 things to look for when laptop shopping, and tips for comparing 3G phones.

MoneySense is available in over 200 outlets nationwide. To learn more about the magazine, visit For subscriptions, contact 339-3361, 728-1073 or email
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