Sunday, March 30, 2008

Miss being called "munchkin"

Just finished watching Independence Day (the second or third time I watched this, and I still think Bill Pullman's particularly handsome in this film, he now sports an unflattering `do if I remember, anyway. Oh, he's cuter in While You Were Sleeping - I'm digressing).

So after all the action and the hostile alien invasion was stopped after David Levinson (Jeff Goldblum) and Steven Hiller (Will Smith) uploaded the virus to the mother ship, and Russell Case (Randy Quaid) sacrificed himself to disable the alien ship, David and Steven were welcomed back by President Whitmore (Pullman), commended them for a job well done.

Then, Whitmore's daughter greeted her "Happy fourth of July, Daddy." Whitmore replied, "Same to you, munchkin."

Munchkin - it hit me. That's what Robin sometimes calls me, because he says I'm small for my 5'3 1/2" height. Duh. Actually, since I like doughnuts, and I told him about this Dunkin' Donuts munchkins-brand donut holes, that I sometimes crave about, that's why Robin became more fond of calling me munchkin.

I always retort "beh" when he calls me munchkin since it's a double-edged affectionate term, hahaha - either it's about my height (hey, he's not that tall at 5'7") or that it's about my doughnut addiction.

He's out to sea now at work. He advised me that communication would be erratic and difficult since they're mainly using CDMA, and his phone is out of reach since the only coverage available in their base now is only from Telstra.

And I terribly miss him so much now - it's a habit SMS-ing, calling, chatting, seeing each other via Web cam regularly since we got to know each other. This non-communication - and the current long-distance relationship (LDR) we're having now - are really frustrating, especially when I get hit badly by missing-him-terribly pangs, like watching ID4 earlier, and hearing the affectionate "munchkin" (didn't help either it was Bill Pullman who delivered that line, anyway, he said it to his daughter).

But the main thing that keeps us going is that, we're not the only couple in this world that are separated temporarily due to work and responsibilities. We both know we don't want this LDR thing to drag any further and that we're really looking forward to settle down this year. We both want this relationship to work, to last, that's why we'll endure the distance, the non-communication for now.

Although I worry more about his welfare especially he's now out to sea - I always pray for his safety, and that when he gets a break from work, I know I'll get to be called munchkin again - or among the other affectionate names he calls me (you know I call him mahal, but sorry, can't disclose what are my other affectionate names for him, sshh). And that, I'll get to have doughnuts from him soonest - or munchkins - though there's no Dunkin' in Australia yet?

I'm babbling. Well, I found a connection between ID4 and munchkin because I terribly miss Robin. Now that's one manifestation of love (winks), and a little dash of creativity (wink, wink). I still terribly miss him though - I miss him every second he's away, and I love him, and will always love him, hopefully we'll be together, forever.
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