Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Etcetera 1

Thanks to you all! First of all, thank you very much to those who greeted Robin on his birthday - he got surprised with all the greetings you sent him, and joked the whole Philippines got to know his birthday!!! That made that day bearable for us....

When the clock hit midnight of June 11, we were already chatting then via MSN, my brother Linard dropped a greeting to him, and I turned off the light here in my room, and lighted a blue candle and sang happy birthday to him! I asked him to make a wish, and when he said he already did, I also wished for him, and blew the candle on his behalf. Rachiel, my college buddy and a Dubai beauty now, also greeted him again that night....Robin said I was doing everything to remind him he got a year older again.

But he already mentioned his plans for his 2009 birthday - we will have a quiet day and go out to a nice restaurant for dinner - just the two of us, enjoying each other's company. Hope that will happen for us.

Feeling low and troubled. Yes. Got so many things in my head now, as how Louie, another friend, read my tone one time I got to chat with him online....

I am trying my best and hardest to clear myself of worries I have now, but yes, it will take one thing at a time, and what I am accomplishing now, is what else but work and sidelines? Obvious reason - I need money, decent earning, to partially, if not, fully solve some of my worries at the moment (actually all of my worries I think - well, I guess the same goes for some, if not most people, anyway)

I've got a "mini life."
In between struggles in writing, I get to squeeze some time building my homes - well, in MyMiniLife that is. Got hooked into it when my Robin and friend Lyn invited me to add this as app in Friendster. So far, I built three homes already, and the first home I built got nice comments. Every time Robin asks how my day was, there's always a mention of MyMiniLife - I think he's a bit scary at the thought that I will transform the pink homes of mine into reality, and have pink as motif for our love nest in the future, hehehe)

Robin has an account to, but all you can see there is grass, grass, and grass....sheesh.... Just dropping lines here, I'm babbling, anyway.
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