Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Plugging - For our modern day heroes

From finding ways to achieve riches after years of working in a foreign land, to various options for remittance and related financial services, and among relevant features, MoneySense’s July-August 2008 issue is for you – our Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs).

Gracing this issue’s cover is popular TV host and Optical Media Board chairperson Edu Manzano, who also shares he was once an OFW. With building and owning a home a big dream among OFWs and their family, the magazine also include features on the economics of building your own home, 10 ways to lower your home insurance costs, and best value condos to watch out for.

Pag-Ibig fund president and CEO Atty. Romero F.S. Quimbo also shares valuable tips on buying your dream home. Other features catering to OFWs include property payoffs, saving on food bills, getting out of debt, choosing an AUV, 10 boo-boos when buying a budget laptop, and flying with low air fares.

Currently available in over 200 outlets nationwide, MoneySense is founded by veteran business and finance journalists with a combined 50 years of publishing experience. To learn more about the MoneySense, visit www.moneysense.com.ph. For subscriptions, contact 339-3361, 728-1073 or email info@moneysense.com.ph.
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