Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Why I love Robin O'Connor Lockwood - part 2


I love you because you take time to listen to my views on any topic – like religion (the very first thing we discussed when we met), settling our differences (you being non-religious), and how I felt I was knowledgeable enough about such big issues, how you contradicted my views in a matter-of-factly way, and without offending me at that. I started to admire you then for how you gave me respect as a conversationalist and a listener.

Again, this may not be the reason you’re looking when you asked me “why do I love you?” and again, I am sorry I failed to respond right away, and I am sorry if I disappointed you. But I know I deserve, we deserve another chance and I am aiming, working for that.

Whatever the reason is, I love you because I chose to. And I will not walk away from what we have been sharing all this time.

I am waiting, I am still here.

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