Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Why I love Robin

I believe love doesn’t need to have a reason – because you let it flow, you let it grow, despite the ugliness of life.

We view love on different perspectives here, but bottom line, we chose to love each other despite such.

And with the state we were while chatting earlier, I think though you haven't believed anything I said so I am left with doubt here if you'd believe the following, but I am taking my chances.

I hope though the following will validate why I love you - they maybe not enough for you, I don't know what answer you're looking for at this point, but I am sure to find out in time:

As I said, I started to have a crush on you because you took an interest on me when we met in Meetic

I developed feelings for you because you took late nights to spend with me chatting, getting to know me, and I you

I started to believe you're sincere when how you expressed that you very much dislike a long-distance relationship, yet, you continued to know me better, to let your feelings grow for me

I knew you were serious when you risked that weekend to be with me, to date me, and be interrogated by my chaperon.

You made me a very important lady - and a beautiful one, you didn’t bulge in with those curious stares others were giving us – another foreigner – Filipina couple at that

I believed then in real love, and how that real love was won by me because I got you

You continued to love me despite the distance, and how you shifted your career options when you lost that job in Sing and KL. I expressed how I felt responsible for that but you said it wasn't my fault, and how I took comfort in that, but remained mindful of such big risk you took

You also took time to take my mother’s questioning, my brothers’ snobbishness, and spent company with my life friends

You still made an effort to be with me by inviting me to be with you in your country, to meet the friends who helped you get through during your rough times. It was a costly way of expressing your love for me, for which I am grateful

You love me because you took what for you is a menial job - and how you're postponing your studies for us to be together soonest as we initially planned – a plan I am very much looking forward to culminate for us this year

If these were the answers you were looking for earlier, I am sorry I wasn't able to articulate them right away.

I love you because of such cited.

I love you because you are sharing with me the world you've seen through your travels.

I love you because you let me listen to all you've been through in your life.

I love you for making me the most beautiful lady around.

I love you because you make me smile, and laugh with your weird and sick humor.

I love you because you share with me the joys of reading, the love of watching movies and TV, the company of a good talk.

I love you for putting up with all my life's woes, my idiosyncrasies, my bitchiness, my crankiness, and how you kept quiet at times and not chose to argue - which I also am the same because I am not an advocate of petty fights to resolve things

I love you because you make me feel so loved and how you let me love you back.

I love you because of the person that you are - wounded in the past yet took your chance again to love, and that chance is me.

= = = = =
You revealed tonight the ugly you - dumping me with all your might.

Saying all those nasty things - how you impressed on me my bitchiness at that.

How you insisted I find someone else.

How you said that your life turned from bad to worse because of me - I am always mindful of that it is very hurtful to be told though.

You were trying your hardest for me to be mad at you - tell you what, I am not – all the more you made me determined to love you – the messianic complex in me maybe, but you’re a beautiful person who’s hurting now that what you thought your chance of happiness with me turned out to be disappointing – I am sorry again, I do, and I will redeem myself for me, for you, for US, and will wait for my chance to be with you.

All I am saying here are words, all I am expressing are words, I am telling you my love in words - which is not enough, but as I said:

I will not walk away. It is worth hanging on for US.

If you need time to be away from me, fine, that is fine.

I will remain here. Loving you, improving for me, you, for US.

If my heart gets tired though, I'll let you know, and that would be the end of me believing in real love....

I love you.

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