Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sleep-deprived, love-filled nights

Playing goofy here (at Palm Cove, Cairns, Queensland, Australia - April 30, 2009)

How time flies - Robin and I are now on our second year.

The first night we met is always a tingling, giggly, high-schoolish crush moment for me. Robin didn't mind my child-like moments then and on we became an engaged couple.

The two years of us are made of sleep-deprived, love-filled nights (for most part, as we also have our share of misunderstandings). Whether we chat online (I waiting for him to come home from work, him despite being tired from a 12-hour shift, he always makes time for me [and provided our Internet connections are good]), or if we're together, we spent our nights with hearty dinner (takeaways or cooked by him [and me until recently!]), watching TV and commenting about the programs, watching DVDs, and during my last stay in Cairns, Queensland, Australia, we were playing Nintendo Wii (and how he always finds my golfing skill [Wii Sports] and my Mario Kart know-how non-existent).

Communication is the key why we're still together as a couple (and hopefully have more anniversaries to celebrate, together at that). There are also nights spent on serious talking - what the future holds for the two of us, career-wise and financially in particular. But the bottom line remains that despite the trials we're experiencing and constantly learning to accept and deal with our imperfections, the LOVE remains. It is not enough to survive in this world, but our love for each other makes us stronger, strive harder, and aim for that life of togetherness.

(What a way to welcome our second anniversary though - I was asleep until 2:50am earlier and bolted out of bed just to chat with Robin. I missed him by seconds (as I saw him signed out)! But I managed to talk to him over the phone - he sensed I was still feeling dazed from waking up abruptly and gently told me to go back to sleep after greeting the two of us happy anniversary [and he was as amazed how we've been together for this long] and sent me good night with "I love you"]).

To Robin, thank you very much for everything. You will always be very much a part of me and I am truly thankful to have you. Happy second anniversary!
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