Wednesday, March 31, 2010


The world is INDEED unfair.

You try to be the best person you can be and yet there are those who could ruin you in a flash.

You can keep quiet about it and accept that such kind of beings dictate a crucial part of your life OR you can pool resources, gather strength, and find unity in numbers to end such tyranny.

Perhaps though, you have been destined to be oppressed for you to see that oppression INDEED doesn't work.

Fear maybe there for a while but it won't last. NOW YOU MUST VOW NOT TO OPPRESS ANYONE. Free yourself of the burden and move on to charter a greater path.

They also say the world is round. And what goes up must come down. And there is karma. And reversal of fortune to your favor won't happen though if you don't push for it.

But if you decide to push, push wisely.

And even if it is not exactly you to push the tide to your favor, there will be the one out there to end it all. Pray - and help if possible - for that one to do his or her mission.

Again, if you decide to push, push wisely.
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