Saturday, April 17, 2010


I was trying my hardest not to cry - from the condo to the taxi to the airport. But when we reached the airport and Robin was running late for his flight, tears just fell freely, while Robin was already inside checking in, and when he saw me still looking around for him, he was winking, flying kisses, waving, and flying kisses to me - it was still, above all, a blissful 11 days that have been. To sum up in photos:

Easter Sunday and goofing: Robin goofing and me "beh"

The two of us goofing together

Another cutest Fil-Aussie couple photo of us

HBO night for us (Robin taking over the remote control, as usual :P)

Time out for a pic (Baby, why so serious? Mwah!)

Friday dinner treat of Ipe and Kris at Kabisera ni Dencio's at The Fort's High Street

Sleepy, baby? :P

Ipe is busy checking the sandcastles

Kids busy playing in the sand box (sandcastle building contest sponsored by Sanuk)

Friday night at Bonifacio High Street

Robin walking around The Fort's High Street

Kris, Ipe, and Robin heading to The Venice Piazza at McKinley Hill

The Venice Piazza Mall

Robin enjoying his yogurt ice cream at Yoswirl

Kris and Ipe and Yoswirl yogurt :P

Robin reading Reader's Digest during his second visit to my mom

Robin and mom both in blue

Sunny Sunday at the Greenbelt Park

Robin walking around Greenbelt Park

Greenbelt Chapel

Still walking ...

Robin at the balcony of the condo (his last day here)

Makati skyline from our balcony condo

"Cheese" (About 3 hours before his flight back to Australia)

* * *
Indeed it was a very sad Wednesday night of April 14 to see Robin going home. Still feeling sad about it, but what is important is that we were happy with our latest get together.

And who knows, the next time, it would be a get together for real, for keeps - and we're optimistic.
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