Thursday, April 08, 2010


"Little Japanese tourist" - that's how Robin calls me every time I would borrow his 6 megapixel Canon Digital Ixus 60.

When it was my first time in Australia (specifically, Melbourne), I was trigger happy clicking away – anything from street signs, edifices, his trusty 1966 Chrysler Valiant car, etc. Bulk of my photos then was the food I had with Robin and on occasions that we had dinner with his friends. I blogged about it once, and it just made me so sentimental, especially on occasions that Robin cooked for me.

Last night, we decided to have Korean dinner. We walked to Paseo Center in Makati and settled for Kaya. Robin ordered six dishes! What I remembered was I asked for Japche (I like Pad Thai better); we had fried dumplings (that tastes like gyoza and was so yummy); Kimchi was so hot; the squid in garlic sauce was so garlicky; and two more pork dishes that I forgot what they’re called.

They were of small servings but good, and Robin was amazed how the waiter took our order without repeating them to us or listing them! And he got it all right. And Robin likes his San Miguel Pale Pilsen very much (cheaply priced for a good beer, he says).

Part of the conversation was about why I’m so fond of taking photos, especially the food that we eat, and I said, “for sentimentality purposes – I like to remember that on this day and date, I had this lunch and dinner with you.” I even said I felt like taking photos of our orders but felt quite shy also because there were many diners then (and that saved him from embarrassment, heh).

After, we walked to Greenbelt 5 to Gelatissimo because Robin was craving for ice cream (sheesh, we really pigged out last night!). He ordered a big cone of one of those Chocolate flavored ice cream and Honey Truffle Latte (I think). For that big cone, he was supposed to get three flavors! And the two flavors he ordered couldn’t fit anymore and was starting to drip away already! I settled for a small cup of pana cotta.

And off we went back to the apartment while Robin was racing against time – enjoying his Gelatissimo before the foot path gets to enjoy it, heh. He was a big boy enjoying his ice cream (he said its ice cream not gelato because it’s so milky) and I was just so happy to look at him and asked if I could take a photo of him licking his ice cream. He said, no, and I just smiled away.

Tuesday night, we also had a long walk from Mom & Tina’s (a cozy bakeshop and restaurant just after Paseo De Roxas in Legaspi Village) for him to meet my colleagues. And walked to Brothers Burgers just to let him try how different it is from his Urban Burger in Melbourne. He said, it was OK, but the size was small. And I didn’t have a photo of him again eating his Double Brother’s Burgers (and the fries was disappointing, he said).

Now he would be surprised that it’s not so Japanese or Filipino to take photos of what they eat. Wait until he sees this article from The New York Times.

Now, I wonder what we’re going to have for lunch or dinner and if I could snap away some photos then? Hmm …
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