Friday, May 28, 2010


On my way home - this sight greeted me - a man was on top of these huge billboards along EDSA cor. Q. Ave (here, he was sandwiched between the two billboards).

Bystanders, FX, and jeepney drivers there at the MRT Q. Ave.- ETON Centris mall said he was up there since 4:30pm. Just now over GMA's SAKSI, the man was finally convinced to go down after four hours of up there. He was drunk apparently because his brother was killed few days ago and not even QC Mayor-elect Bistek Bautista, the rappeling firefighters, were able to convince him until the wife arrived and rode up the crane to retrieve his husband.

That was indeed a worrisome sight. I just found myself praying that the man would just go down and talk over his problem/s. And I also uttered a prayer, thanking the Lord that I'm remaining sturdy amidst this challenge his posing to me, and so far, not doing anything as suicidal as this man did.

I started my morning with the new American Idol Lee Dewyze singing his winning piece, Beautiful Day. Later in the afternoon, I came from a fruitful meeting and I'm seriously considering already to take on this opportunity although I drastically planned (and still thinking to pursue it) to do something just to find out the truth.

I am thankful to a dear friend who used her connections to see if we could tweak something for my plan, but the law is the law. I still have other options and I have to see which one will work. What I am sure of is that I will find my way back soonest, and resolve the pressing matter I have now, but I'm thankful for this distraction of opportunity - I will use this as a weapon to arm myself for the coming days ahead.

As for the man who climbed the 20 feet high billboards, I hope he won't do it again for the sake of his family (and face again the wrath of angry traffic-goers).
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