Saturday, June 05, 2010


After work and battling my way through the MRT crowd, I found myself at the LBC branch in MRT-Ayala and lodged the huge birthday card, sorry card, and the book to send to my 1-true-love.

Please, LBC, don't let me down.

Unexpectedly, thoughts/discussions about Australia kept cropping the whole day.

My boss, for instance, who just came from Australia and New Zealand, I forgot that for some reason, he was discussing that if the Land Down Under before was the choiced country to migrate, now it's not because of the high-cost of living - when you live in Sydney, you should be earning at least AUD5000-AUD6000 a month (?) to make it there.

He also said his friend who's been living in Australia for quite a time now has not made any friends there, even citing that Aussies are not as accommodating, as friendly as they're thought to be.

Then, on our way home, as always, I wore my backpack in front of me, which he remarked I looked like I have a kangaroo pouch.

He also asked me if I'm OK, my two colleagues just exchanged looks, and I told my boss "I prefer to work, Sir."

I thought that was the end of it, until we had to go down to meet the ad associates, and he asked me again if I'm really OK. I assured him, "Sir, I'm functioning." Then, he pressed, "are you sure?" And I asked him what does he know? He said, "your Skype status says it all (I'm not giving up. No. Never.)

I evasively replied and said, OK I'll change my status. He just said, the more I say those words and similar words like those to myself, the more I'd get hurt .... For a non-Filipino, he's tsismoso, haha. I just smiled and said, "Sir, we're running late for the meeting." Well, I don't blame him for being curious and concerned, because he was a big part of making possible my last get together with my 1-true-love. And also in a rush, I asked his permission for me to go to Australia and he granted.

So, for Day 4, come up with a bucket list to busy myself until the dreaded date of June 11.

And change my Skype status (or else, my boss would ask again, haha).

And please, LBC, don't let me down, please. Hope you make it there not later than June 11.

Once you delivered and he got it, that's another dreading story for his reaction - or non-reaction ....
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