Saturday, October 02, 2010

60 to 30: Rainy Blue Friday

After September that was mostly dry and sunny, we welcomed October 1 with a rainy Friday.

And since our company allows a relaxed wear on Fridays (of course, still subject to dress code), I went to work wearing this:

Black jacket from G2000; long, navy blue shorts from Tomato (PHP300); gray, peep toe wedges by Predictions from Payless Shoe Source (PHP945.00)

I got the shorts because it looks like a skirt, it's comfy, and it's blue (my first navy blue piece that I could use for office and casual wear, too). Although I look small wearing this ensemble (judging from this photo), my whole day was super comfy, super relaxed! Thanks to my teammate who took this photo - a whole body shot of me for this week of fashion blogging! (As opposed to 3/4 body shots I managed to take of myself using the timer and used for the earlier blog posts, sheesh). 

This wraps up my week filled with fashionista epiphanies, haha (nothing for Thursday though, as I didn't wear anything new that day).

Indeed, meticulously choosing what to wear (out of my stock of unworn clothes) made my mornings this week. The process took me off from dwelling about my dilemma to start my day (although before I sleep, the nagging thought creeps back - except Wednesday night after the shoot that I slept right away - no dinner at all and no time to worry for me).

So, what's for us all next week?
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