Thursday, November 11, 2010

60 to 30: Can You Read My Mind?

I am filled with the following - so far:

My trip this Friday to Monday;

This, well, seemingly, uncomfortable, unfolding happenings at work;

The past, the not so distant past, the present, and whatever the future beholds;

My health, with all these tests and doctors' visits;

Digging for something, something which I don't know what it is;

Blogging about how cluttered my mind is at the moment;

Keeping the tears away, as for some reason or another, this is a crappy night ....

I turned my attention to watching The Mentalist, and Simon Baker (the lead character as Patrick Jane) - and now Currie Graham (the recurring character of Walter Mashburn) - amused me with their overload of good looks, effortless onscreen charisma, and very endearing characters they are portraying. But they were only my relief for about an hour - they are celebrities and totally far from my reach ....

currie graham,Patrick Jane,Robin Tunney,Simon Baker,the mentalist,the mentalist episode 8,the mentalist red hot
Currie Graham, Robin Tunney, and Simon Baker in the episode, Red Hot
(Image from

Now, I am lost again. I hate myself every time I fall into this state - or lack of.

I must focus to fully reassess myself.

And I really look forward to have this trip the start of my becoming a better person.

Yes, I have to be a better person for myself - not for anybody else. If only Patrick Jane could read me now ....

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