Wednesday, November 10, 2010

60 to 30: Perfect Day

This Tuesday may not be the "perfect day" for most of us. But, is there really such a perfect day?

I guess it's a perfect day when:

When a nun was so accommodating but was not in a hurry to collect payment for your upcoming retreat;

The baristas at Starbucks had a good laugh over your and your colleague's funny exchange of lines, mimicking a commercial;

When the same baristas were so nice with you and was so apologetic when you got stalled in the line;

Your teammates kept you laughing over email exchanges for an upcoming bowling game;

A friend met you after work, had tea with you, and drove you home while he blasted his iTouch with Filipino songs and sang along with them (before that he was singing you religious songs);

When a colleague raised a possible opportunity which widens your career option within the company ....

= = = = =
Such happenings made my Tuesday. Far from perfect (since there were glitches), but definitely way far from terrible!

And to cap this evening, I came across this new single from Scotland's singing sweetheart, Susan Boyle; her cover of punk legend, Lou Reed's song, Perfect Day:

Let's all have a "perfect" Wednesday. Good night.
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