Monday, December 27, 2010

Ms. Lynda "The Grinch" Corpuz

Yes. I've been grinchy and grouchy for weeks now.

Blame it on hormones, my medication, my short fuse, or simply things that are really "wrong" by my standards,  like the following:

1. Kids playing in the supermarket.  Where in the world are the parents or the guardians or the nannies, leaving their kids unattended - running around the jampacked, cart-to-cart shopping alleys. Many times I turned my cart and I almost knocked off kids who suddenly blocked my way. Definitely the adults accompanying them would hear a mouthful from me (in rapid-fire English or Filipino): "If you can't take care of your kids while shopping, then don't bring them here. This is not a playground, this is a supermarket!"

There are also those kids who kept running up on a going down escalator and vice versa, and the adults would just called their kids instead of tucking them and not letting them out of their sight.
Don't get me wrong - I like kids, and with less effort on my part, kids get to like me. What I don't like are the adults not really knowing how to take good care of their kids, especially when in public places. If the kids are accompanied by their grandparents or elderly guardians or adults who really are looking after their wards but the kids are just too slimy they got away from them, I let it pass. But for the rest, no. Please, bring your kids to where they can freely play then.

2.  Abusive taxi drivers.  Definitely, I'm not alone on this one - this is one big thing to be pissed off. Despite the Oplan Isnabero campaign, there are still cabbies who are out to rip you off. I often ride cabs these days, especially when I wake up late and rushing to be in the office not later than 11AM. Some drivers have all these tricks to outwit their passengers - from rigged meters, to refusing them a ride, to contracting them for a fare, among others.

At times, especially when going home late, I offer an extra amount so they would agree (since my place is far). At times, I agree to give them the additional amount they asked for so I could just get home. But those drivers who have all these dirty tricks up their sleeves definitely heard a mouthful from me - and so far, I've reported three of them in a span of two weeks.

My teammates heard me lashed out for the first time on one cabbie for demanding to give him extra when our destination is only to Quezon Avenue (coming from our workplace, with one teammate to be dropped off in Cubao - and the rate for this is usually less PHP100.00).  OK, it was heavy traffic that night but what made me furious was that it was an MGE driver, and MGE is one of the four taxi franchises accredited by our company to drive their employees safely to their destination - and this one driver of them is an abusive one.

Oplan Isnabero is said to continue even after the holidays. Good then. To report an abusive taxi driver, call or text the Department of Transportation and Communications hotline: •7890  •0917 247 0385  •0919 222 7462

3. No coins, no purchase?  I don't think it is our fault, customers, not to have coins with us when we buy from your store. Say, if you buy worth PHP415.00, and you give PHP500.00, the cashier would ask if you have PHP15.00 so she/he would give you PHP100.00 as change. If you say none, she/he would say, "Ma'am, wala po akong isusukli (Ma'am I don't have any change here ...)," implying to not purchase from them if you can not produce the coins they are asking for. Is it your fault that the store doesn't have any coin or bill of a lesser amount for change? Come on!!!

I heard one friend lashed out to a cashier who did this to him. And really, it was a big bummer. To avoid such inconvenience, I often give them the coins or the bill they asked for. But when I sensed that the cashier is just being lazy to sort change for me, I say with conviction that I don't have that amount. I, like most of us, customers, work hard to be able to buy from their stores, and the cashiers or the sales ladies/men are also expected to deliver, especially that they are in the business of customer service.

4. Poor restaurant/fast food service.  Last week, I ordered a spaghetti and ham and cheese pizza (I think) meal from Fatboys Pizza Pasta at Eton Centris Mall. The place was small and we were less than 10 diners I think, and my order took more than 15 minutes. I kept silent but the customer after me was already complaining, asking why the spaghetti was taking too long. When my meal was served, it was not warm enough that in less than five minutes, it was cold already - and pizza and pasta should be served hot. I did not complain and I ate it so I could take my medicine already.

The other customer was also pissed off with the spaghetti order (whom she asked to be for takeaway instead since it was taking eons to be served) that she went up to the cashier and asked the order to be cancelled. After, the crew went on bickering and blaming each other for that cancelled order and who's going to be responsible for that. I felt ashamed for them and for the store owner - the crew kept trading barbs to each other, and to think there were diners enduring their poor customer service that night.

I couldn't take it so I also walked up to the cashier, and to the best of my ability, talked calmly about the cold meal they served and the annoying bickering they're into - I said that in English (often, when pissed off, I speak in English) that I'm not sure the cashier and the other crew members there cared to understand what I was telling them. I swear, no matter how hungry I am, I will not eat there again.

5.  Limelight stealers.  I am a listener, a patient and an engaged one, especially when people I am with have very interesting things to say. Most likely I got this trait from years of working as a journalist, interviewing all kinds of personalities. I have high tolerance for monologues.

What I don't like though are people, especially when it happens that it was me who needed to be listened to, would steal the opportunity to talk from me, and instead talk about themselves - and tell things that are not connected at all to what I was sharing with them. Often, I let such instances go away. But lately, I kept withdrawing and let them blabber until the supposed-to-be-conversation-that-turned-into-a-monologue would die a natural death. And lately, I have been avoiding such kind of people.

This list of super pet peeves of mine could go on and on. Of course, when patience could be extended, I do stretch my patience. But things like this are really not worth my patience. But then again, who wants to be stressed with such pet peeves?

I just wish people to be more considerate. And hopefully, when the holidays and the annoying happenings associated with the occasion are over, Ms. Lynda Grinch would be a little of Ms. Congeniality (I can't be totally Ms. Congeniality, it is not me, and you're being warned).
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