Tuesday, January 31, 2012

From Vision to Action

Where I keep my secrets, eh, goals for 2012

Wow, we are on our last day of January 2012. That was quick!

For those who listed their New Year’s resolutions, how are you doing so far?

If you did not start yet, and deferred starting on Chinese New Year, which was on January 23, did you make it then?

If you answered no to both and shrugged your list as not doable, think again. Perhaps, you need more than just listing resolutions, you need to envision those resolutions and make them work for you.

For six years now, I made it a habit to list the things I like to happen in a year. As the year closes, I review those things for what I have accomplished, and for those I am not able to do, I carry them over and update them for the New Year. There were also times I burnt the “old list,” read aloud my “new list,” and I pray for guidance in accomplishing them.

I closed 2011 deviating for my usual “goodbye old year, welcome new year” ritual due to unforeseen circumstances. However, I started 2012 right away by polishing my “visions” for this year of the Water Dragon.

Visioning in Action
Visioning is the mental process in which images of the desired future – goals, objectives, and outcomes – are made intensely real and compelling to act as motivators for the present action.

A friend first taught the visioning process to me in 2010. The same friend taught me and two other friends a more focused, more achievable process over coffee on December 29, 2011 – a productive meeting that extended to an overnight session.

What I learned is that for our visioning to be more effective:

  1. We have to specify our goals into four areas:
  • Success (covering but not limited to career, finance);
  • Health;
  • Relationships (family, friends, personal); and
  • Growth (education, personal development, travel)
  1. Categorize your goals based on the four areas and list as many as you can.
  2. Write your goal with conviction, not “I am going to,” “I wish,” and the likes. Write them as if you are already doing them, accomplishing them.
  3. Make your goal time-bound. Specify when exactly you are achieving it.
  4. Identify your ultimate goal per area.
  5. As you narrowed them into four goals – one each for Success, Health, Relationships, and Growth, then narrow each of those goals into:
·         Minimum (Specifying a goal that would not make you too disappointed if you do not meet it)
·         Target (Aiming a manageable goal)
·         Outstanding (Hitting your ultimate goal, which you will be achieving by setting yourself to hit first the “minimum” to the “target” goal)

Out of that visioning process, I am sharing with you snippets of my visions for 2012, particularly my ultimate goals per the four areas (the details of achieving them from minimum to outstanding, I am sharing at the end of 2012). Now, I am keeping my “visions” in a “pretty pink” notebook solely dedicated for this. I am treating my visioning list as a “living” document, which I am reviewing every end of the month (thus, this blog entry):

My “Visions” for 2012 (Disclaimer: I am not yet able to identify my ultimate goal under the Relationships area. It is difficult at the moment for me to set goal on that):


I am bagging an opportunity to work in my company’s office/branch in Hong Kong/Singapore/Australia as a branding/communications/marketing specialist, and I am starting with this overseas post by first quarter of 2013.

I am saving 10 percent of my base salary starting payday of February 2012.

I am hitting my weight goal of 120 lbs. and a waistline of 26 in. by April 2012.


Religious and Spiritual:
I am starting my day right by reflecting through Bible passages and Didache 2012.

I am visiting Singapore from November 11 to 14, 2012 for my 32nd birthday.

Other goals that I listed that I find worth sharing include:


Career – At Work:
I am participating in three to four CSR activities for 2012.

Career – As a Writer/Editor/Blogger:
I am blogging once a week, posting quality entries for Descovrir and Rediscover. (I only blogged eight times in 2011 for Descovrir, 10 for Rediscover. How lazy I was!)

I am increasing my “happy spending” to PHP5000 monthly.


I am finishing two books in a month starting January 2012. (I exceeded my expectations! I already read three books for this month: PopeBenedict XVI: Light of the World, by Peter Seewald, The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom, and Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Truman Capote).

I am bursting with goals for 2012. I am achieving them with smart work and fervent prayers. If you have already set goals for yourself this year and beyond, own them. Be proud that you have such goals in mind as they make you look forward to a bright future. Once achieved, share your success. Spread the blessings.

Thus, let us all put our concrete visions into delightful results.  
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