Monday, May 13, 2013

DESCOVRIR Happenings

My mom's Mother's Day Rose Inspiration Fresh Cream artisan cake from Tous Les Jours

I had another enlightening counseling Monday, April 29, where I am highly encouraged to engage in ways or activities that will help me to be truly healed. So that day, I started posting a Facebook status (I normally "like," "share" interesting readings, and Instagram photos). My post that day was something so contradictory with my posts two years back, and the difference made me feel better.

The regular Facebook status focuses on my "happy happenings in a day." Many have commended the effort, as it is sometimes really hard for us to count the times we have been happy in a day because we are consumed with the unhappy things that ruined our day.

The happenings were not big, but surely made my day lighter. Counting them outnumber the times I was sad or mad in any given day.

And earlier, a light bulb moment hit me: why not blog about my "happy happenings in a day?" That will be meeting my goal to blog positively on a regular basis and counting the happy things that made my day.

So backtracking to Friday, May 10, here are the "happy" things that happened:
  1. As wished by most, it was payday Friday, four days earlier than our scheduled payday (we are actually blessed to always receive our salary a night before the scheduled payday).
  2. Had a relaxing Friday night, watching again for the nth time While You Were Sleeping on HBO Family, one of my feel good fave films.
  3. Had a surprising, heart touching exchange of SMS that just made me cry silly.
  4. Saturday, I replenished my supply of toiletries from Human Nature, now my favorite because their products are affordable, environment-friendly (free of harmful chemicals commonly used on beauty, body, and bath products), and above all, the company is a social enterprise, supporting various causes and providing livelihood to fellow Filipinos.
  5. After, had a quiet afternoon snack of TinTan's banoffee (which was huge!) and the delicious Bayani Brew, offered at Enchanted Farm Cafe, an advocacy cafe. I had a quiet view of Commonwealth Avenue from my seat, something different from my daily commute on this highway.
  6. And Sunday, Mother's Day, my family had a simple lunch at Shakey's. I wanted for us to dine somewhere fancier and make a reservation, but arranging mine and my brothers' schedule was a challenge. Still, we made it for our mother. We owe everything to her and treating her for lunch is not enough. After lunch, we picked up her cake from the South Korean patisserie, Tous Les Jours. We got her the Rose Inspired Fresh Cream artisan cake that was highly recommended by my teammates, and yes, it did not disappoint.
  7. And lastly, I fought the temptation to splurge. After jogging, Mass, and coffee, I went to the bookstore and caught fancy of Gretchen Rubin's The Happiness Project One Sentence Journal: A Five-Year Record, a complementary to her bestselling The Happiness Project book which I read and in a way, helped me be more positive one step at a time in my life. I almost bought the journal since I thought it was perfect for my "happy happenings in a day" effort. But self-control and a tight grip on my purse prevailed. I am having a hard time to fill my Belle De Jour and Starbucks journals, why add another one? But I will consider this new journal for next year.

Tomorrow is no ordinary holiday: vote wisely. Seriously. Help make our country a happier place to live.
And have a happy week to all!
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