Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Image from What Christians Want to Know

No matter how I try to frame my mind to be happy, I am still weak.

And I am fooling myself to believe I can be happy in due time.

I got myself into a situation that now I am regretting very much. I was happy at a time I needed to and now, the realizations are torturing me.

The window of opportunity I was happy about last week is now closed, without me even having a peek of what is behind that window.

I am so weak now to deal with rejection after rejection. That is strike two for me since yesterday.

I know I am being tested. But I am draining of strength to hang on.

The lessons emerging are hard to absorb. All I taste is the bitter pill of my own failure.

For me to learn from these lessons, I have to hang on. I have to be strong.

But my prayers, my efforts to achieve happiness in crucial areas of my life are failing me.

They said there is strength in numbers. As such, please, pray for me, that I will be stronger in the coming days of tests.

Because one more blow and I feel my whole system would shut down.

I am inches away to giving up.
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