Friday, May 17, 2013


I had a quiet view of Commonwealth Avenue  from my seat last Saturday at Enchanted Farm Cafe. I was so transfixed with the view, with this glass window. And figuratively, a window opened for me. And I am pro-active about this. Photo's mine.

How's the week going?

Mine has a share of both good and bad happenings.

The bad happenings were my fault, because I let them rule this week.

But I am reminding myself that I am still blessed.

And as opportunities closed, a window opened. It was actually a closed opportunity, but for some reason, it reopened --- and this highlights my week.

Thankful for this window of opportunity, it is letting in some needed sunshine in my life now.

Backtracking to Tuesday, May 14:
  1. After Monday’s mid-term elections, it was back to work the next day for most of us. As for me, I had a whole day training then. It could have been cancelled by the trainer since there were lapses in the logistics which were not his fault, but all nine of us students were already there. He was innovative enough to push through with the class. This was the second time I had him for a trainer, it really shows he has the knack for it, as he explains complex topics in a simple way, like using French fries as an example. And I learned a lot.
  2. Finished Walking in the Light 30 Days with Pope John Paul II Wednesday night, May 15. It was supposedly a 30-day read, but it took me four months to complete it. I am being inconsistent about my reading goal for the year --- and I must hit my goal.
  3. Wednesday was when the window of opportunity opened. I was simply elated with this development; I thought this was gone already. I took the first step to open further the window for me. The next day, with assistance, I was able to complete the requirements. All I am waiting now is to get a peek of what is waiting for me behind that window. I am positive because I badly needed this for my career and personal development.
  4. Thank God it’s Friday, that except for completing an online mandatory training, it was quiet at work. I even kept myself busy by working on something that was not urgent. And I was able to complete other tasks which I could not do when my project requires my full attention.
  5. And during my breaks today, I was able to finish my second book for the week (my third for the year): The Best of Archie Comics. My love for this comic book was revived. I remember when I was in grade school, I would borrow copies from my Mom’s student and read them until I fell asleep. The same for this compilation of Archie and the gang’s 70 years, twice I fell asleep finishing this 400-page turner.
  6. Tried today Starbucks’ Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino and it was too sweet for me. Too sinfully sweet for me now that I am trying to lose weight and curbing my sweet cravings. But my fave coffee chain has a promo: when you buy the frappe mentioned, or the Red Bed Green Tea Frappuccino, you will get a scratch card for a prize. And my treat for the next store visit is “Buy One, Get One.”  Hooray for this caffeine treat and go share the calories!

Oh, I still have problem (nine days running now) with Globe and the Tweet assistance (I bombarded @talk2GLOBE and those Tweeting to me from the telecom) to finally visit one of their stores to assist me (I am guessing it is the SIM card that has a problem). This merits another post. A not so pleasant one though.

Let us all enjoy our weekend!
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