Thursday, August 08, 2013


A friend from Tokyo, Japan told me earlier that he has no way to feel what a woman feels but maybe he understands a little, having five sisters at that. 

When I shared with him what I am going through now, he said that it sounds corny but I should try hugging myself. 

Stretch my arms until I am fully enveloped in my own hug. It will help a bit and he said, at the very moment I am hugging myself, I would feel less alone.

I tried. I stretched my arms to fully envelop me in my own comfort. It helped. A bit.

There are many studies stating that hugging has the power to heal.

I need to be healed.

And if I keep hugging myself, assuring myself that everything will be all right, maybe soonest I will be healed.

(Now that is a bear hug, cute photo from
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