Friday, November 01, 2013


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November: my month is here.

Last Thursday, October 24, I was rushed again to the ER: this time, it's peptic acid disease (I'm still confused though if it is the same as peptic ulcer disorders). This is the second time I was rushed to the ER of The Medical City for a stomach-related problem: last July it was acute gastroenteritis.

I had a very rough year. Yes, "had." Because I will make the last two months of 2013 way, way better.

While the year had been rough, I was never alone. I thought I was. But all I had to do was ask. And even if I did not ask, when I was visibly in need, there were people - old and new in my life - who came to my aid and stayed by my side. Surprisingly, those who are not family were the ones who helped, cheered me the most.

And I am dead set to make it better so I can close 2013 on a better note.

Let's make this a sweet November, shall we?
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