Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Accidentally knocked this down ... Image from Clinique website
As I was hurrying to leave on Sunday afternoon, I opened my cabinet and shoved a hanky back.

Closing the cabinet, I arranged the hem of a dress hanging there when it knocked down my perfume –almost half full bottle of it.

It’s an expensive bottle – well, expensive for me as I seldom buy perfume at such amount.

And it could still last until March next year, I said to myself.

Dismayed and cursing, instead of cleaning the broken pieces and wiping the tiled floor right away, I sat down at the edge of my bed – and a dark cloud hovered over my head.

Transfixed at the broken bottle of perfume and the scent enveloping my room, all the ill happenings this year and years ago flashed before my eyes – all challenges, frustrations, trials – all broke me piece by piece that there were times I felt I no longer exist.

But the scent wafting in my room was pleasing, inviting.

Holding my tears – whether it was because our tiled floor enjoyed my perfume instead of me wearing it or the ill happenings of this year and past pains me still, I did not know anymore.

After almost an hour, I swept the floor and made sure no tiny pieces of broken glass was left.

I turned the electric fan on and let the perfume dry.

And left the house in a gloomy state.

When I returned hours after, the scent was still there, pleasing, inviting, calming.

Two days after, my room still smells of the perfume.

It made me conclude that no matter how broken I am, there is still this pleasing, inviting, calming sense in me.

After all, I survived and still surviving all these challenges, frustrations, trials.

Thoughts of a better tomorrow is pleasing, inviting, and calming me in these times of difficulties.

Like that perfume still wafting in my room, there is still the hope of bright future enveloping me to continue, to move forward, no matter how broken I have become.
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