Tuesday, September 01, 2015

DESCOVRIR on "a real test of love"

When I arrived in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia January 25, 2008 to be with you, my love

 There are 10 things why our first date / weekend tops, my love:
  1. Your first taste of Filipino dish
  2. The films "The Invasion" and Stephen King's "1408"
  3. Sharing cheesecake (because you're Captain Cheesecake!)
  4. Hearty conversations
  5. bouquet of red roses --- for you from me! (Yes, I laughed my head off when I read this. I gave you a bouquet of red roses that I coursed through the hotel concierge!)
  6. San Agustin Museum
  7. Manila International Book Fair 2007
  8. The Manila Bay sunset
  9. A pair of necklace from you for the both of us 
  10. A lovely Sunday night after to cap our first date / weekend together
Eight years ago --- September 1, 2007.

Before our first date / weekend together though, we bridged Singapore-Manila via SMS, phone calls, Windows Live Chat --- a long-distance relationship that started through online dating. As you said, ours is a "real test of love."

The years that followed were challenging, it did not help the geographical distance got farther.

And we fell apart.

= = = = =

This year we reconnected.  As you said, fate bought as back together.

A very short reunion. Filled with daunting challenges ahead:

"I will always love you.

I know you love me.

I'm so sorry.


We can do it. Let's just be strong for each other.


I will always let you down.

And I will always lift you up."

= = = = =

I am sorry, my love. I tried but I was not able to lift you up when you needed it most.

It does not make sense now that our "for as long as we both shall lived" is not pushing through.

But I know, we know, all those who know and love you, you are resting now. You deserve this rest.

Our next get together will be better, love.

Until then. I love you so much!
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