Friday, October 14, 2016

When I ask for help ...

... It means I really, really, really need help.

That is why it pains me to be be turned down, to be advised, to be served a sermon when all I asked was help. Especially from someone I helped.

It is sickening. When I went out of my way to help, and when it is me who is in need, and I asked for help, it seemed that no one was there.

No one wanted to make time when I gave my time.

And  I thought there were angels out there to help me, when I was being an angel to them.

Very good thing I am self-reliant. And I am independent.

But yes, on occasions, I do need help. And rarely that I ask for help.

I know I should not expect something in return for all I  have done. I simply cannot understand though why there are people like me (and I am sure a lot more have done great deeds than mine) who were refused help when they did not hesitate to help though.

Lesson learned: I have to be more self-reliant. More independent.

And yes, I will continue to help. But I will be more careful to let no one abuse my generosity, kindness, time. As there are many others out there who truly need help and really appreciate you helping them.

I cannot always be helping, rescuing others. I need to help, rescue me first. Topmost.

Well, there, my adulting lesson for the week.
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