Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Is it worth the wait?

It has been more than a year since I last blogged (and is blogging still relevant these days? I am just wondering).

The year that was had been hectic at work.

I was, together with a trusted team member, was reaping results (and exceeding the very expectations I set at that).

Suffice to say, after a fixed-term, I left that role (and the stress I had to endure extended when I underwent therapy for severe muscle spasm on my upper back --- I was commuting 10-12 hours to and from work, on top of the demands of that role).

It was another proof that a fancy title, a lucrative compensation and benefits package are not everything.

Self-love above all else matters.

I do not want all my years of aspiring to become a better contributor, above all, manager and leader go into naught.


I am fully rested.

I made home improvements during this period of rest (did not go full "Mari Kondo" decluttering though).

I am catching up on my reading back log (to date, 13 books finished this year --- and that's like my average in a year when I am so absorbed at work).

Thus, I am dying to go back working full-time.

There is already an opportunity that came last week of March. But until now, I have not started on it yet --- some delays that are still being sorted out by the company and my recruiter.

= = = = =

I have been through trying times.

Those seasons I needed to wait.

But this time, I am becoming, increasingly impatient.

The impatience is fueled also by the fact that something unexpected happened --- something I do not need at this time (perhaps I will blog about it --- or not).

The worst thing about this happening was, I relied on that person's offer of help, and I rarely ask for help. And that person's posturing as my "good friend." I am still feeling betrayed about it but at this point, this is beyond my control.

So, all I want to do now is work my b*** off.

I really like to start already --- conceptualize, lead, execute ideas that will help improve employee engagement and boost further the already good brand this company I am assigned to enjoys as an employer.

I want to continue touching people's lives through engaging communications campaigns that will highlight their contributions to the company's overall success.

I still have two consultancy projects, but it is not as hectic as it was about two years ago.

So, I had more time to think things, about current, real concerns and unfounded worries.

And as I browse this blog, my old self about two years ago is now reminding me:

"Timing is key. And God knows when is it time to turn the "nos" to resounding "yes!" Lots of "yes!"

"Let us keep the faith."

"Everything is a cycle. Not necessarily as long as seven years, but whatever difficulty we are into now, the situation is only temporary."

"Not everything [has to make sense].

"On response-ability, if you are suffering, it is your problem."

"I am surrounded by God's favors."

= = = = =

With these reminders, and the quotation above from Joyce Meyer:

I will be more patient in waiting.

I will be more patient with myself.

I will make this waiting period more productive.

I will be more trusting that the people involved in making this wait over are truly doing their very best so we can all start moving in this new opportunity we have.

Yes, it is worth the wait (becoming part of this company is in my bucket list).

And I know I am entrusted a very good role to make a difference.

And I am patiently waiting to get things going.
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