Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Remembering JRN 101

i like to say that my years as campus journalist and now as media practitioner (about 10 years or so) are enough. hell, no. really, learning processes continue and continue.

earlier, i covered a motoring event-hell, what do i know about motoring??? i don't even know how to drive. good thing, that event was not about a car launch - it was Ford's road safety convention. this topic, i can pretty well handle this.

this afternoon, i interviewed a former government official and now lead counsel to a client that reclaims its interest over a controversial infrastructure. i was terribly jittery prior to the interview as i know my interviewee is a lawyer and that he is one person, i believe, who knows what he's saying.

i read my materials again and again, but i was not able to concentrate. the topic is so filled with facts - staggering figures in dollars and pesos - plus riddled with all the controversies and characters galore.

when the interview came - as expected, i asked the first question. from there, the gentleman shared with me all the relevant information about the topic - information that i encountered in my research but was not able to digest until my interviewee explained them well to me.

i like to believe that i did well in the interview, as i was able to get responses from him to items that, so far, i'm able to ask as follow-ups - items that i did not encounter in my researches and recent news that i monitored.

the very basic rule in interviewing is the most essential to get a "story" - listen well to your interviewee/s and ask the "right" questions. right, ma'am patty? (missing ma'am patty here, my Advanced Reporting prof in UP-CMC graduate class)

really, i admire journalists, or other people, who can deal with various topics and have the necessary know-how - just like shifting from one topic to another and digesting them in just a day (without mistaking one from the other!)

next problem for me is to deal with information overload once i sit down and write my stories. argh!!!
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