Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Blame the cycle

no, this is not burnout. again, i'm just going through this cycle - for me, an "unavoidable" cycle of:

feeling lazy.

feeling pretty down.

also being sickly (two weekends back, i had slight fever, cough, and colds). this week, dysmenorrhea.

having difficult time beating my deadlines - but i'm working on this - hope things to be smooth for me as it is back-to-school again.

[speaking of school, planned to take this semester ALL 12 units that i still have to complete - but today, just enrolled in two subjects - readings in sociology (prof. randy david's class) and political economy of the media (sir danny arao's class). don't know, i just suddenly want to finish my studies ASAP. but as of my count, i still have enough time to finish my masters (hopefully, to graduate march/april 2008 - U.P.'s centennial!)

still about school, my term in the graduate student assembly (GSA) is about to end. i just feel i'm delinquent that i'm not that active as an officer.]

again, i just feel that i have to go through with this cycle - but i can't be in this phase for long - as what my mentor and friend always says (my former editor at enterprise, oscar gomez), the world needs me. right...

OK, going home now. have to work.
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