Friday, June 01, 2007

Redesigning Descovrir

I’m back online – been out for more than a week (?) due to allergic conjunctivitis (thought I’ll have measles, sheesh, because that allergy was coupled with recurring slight fever and terrible joint pains).

Got slowly back online since I have to check office e-mail, and other e-mails pertaining to work, plus I must accomplish my assignments – work and school.

Back to the blog, I hid it for a while, and now I got the time to do all these fancy stuff – which is cool, by the way, I mean the process, of revamping this. As for the redesign:

Softening the look. I opted for purples and pinks of varying shades to somewhat soften the stern, kind of masculine, white background and black font color used to be dominant in this blog.

I’m now using purples and pinks for link, blog title, blog description, post title, border, sidebar title, and visited link. But retained black for text and sidebar text color – to somewhat give a feel that I’m actually writing using black ink – for classiness.

Linking more friends, must sites, and certified idols. Yeah, the blog roll is quite many now (to your right, please). Apart from blog friends, I now added my daily dose – AP, CNNMoney, Columbia Journalism Review, PCIJ, Poynter Institute, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Time – sites I often visit to feed me news (which I’m neglecting for quite a time).

My blog friends are also many now – the staples back from college, university publication, UP naming mahal, and friends gained online and from a magazine cover and editorial shoot with the country’s hottie tourism chief (wink, wink to Mina) – sorry, girl wasn’t able to reply when you texted from our airport – was wasted then.

I also added into another group, the sites of my boss (Sir H logged off his site though), my UP profs (Sir Danny, Ma’am Rach - I didn't get Sir Luis as prof, since he no longer teaches in the graduate deparment - but he's one reason why I decided to study in UP and take up Journalism), and idols – an outstanding lawyer, a well-read columnist, a TV news personality (so far, the only one who can make me awake way late to watch his and his team’s well-produced documentaries).

I also linked my affiliations – current to previous works, and where I’m studying and I studied, and where I had my OJT.

Purpose of linking all these? One log in and I’ll be welcomed to all these sites for my online reading.

Adding fancy stuff. Yeah, I have this page element my blogthing now (up there, before the post). Something that caught my fancy and thought fun to post, for you also before you read the latest post of a 26 year-old cute sweetie here (ehem, ehem, and ehem). If you didn’t like my post, at least, you can try my blogthing, hehe. New blogthing for every new post, that’s the goal.

I also linked my images here, where I can store the cutest of me (he-he-he). I’m running out of hard disk space so I’m storing them here.

I also elaborated more about myself – after all, I initially wanted (and still want) this blog to be a discovery and rediscovery of my being a starting journalist, student, blah, blah (it’s all there, up there please, in the blog title, and to your right, about me too).

Honoring copyright. Yes. From now, since this will no longer be a text-heavy blog, I’ll be using images, borrowing from various sources, specifically from Google images (which are free and for re-use). Citing where I got an image is just proper to acknowledge the people or the site which put it – a rightful practice I got from Atty. Te (blog link here, right, down, there).

Revamping me. My way to start redesigning myself – some things about me need to change – and hopefully I change for my good….

Welcome to Descovrir - redesigned.
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