Sunday, July 29, 2007

Silence please

Due to allergic conjuctivitis last weekend, I wasn't able to join my friends for a reading and coffee session of the final Harry Potter book.

Prior to that, and just for curiosity's sake, I checked the links of various electronic copies of the book, read reviews (which came out in advance), and inquired about raves about this opus of our time.

Despite all, I-haven't-read-this-yet. I can't go incommunicado - like what other friends' did - and most likely millions of Harry Potter fans out there - just to read this (or the other half-read, and most unread, books I bought the past weeks). My HP7 which I got the next day after it's worldwide release is still neatly wrapped (my little brother is supposed to start this, but he's always dead tired from his contact center work).

I may cutely react to those spoilers bullying me for not reading this yet, but I will not give in to their bashes (like how my "mahal" bashed me by saying Harry Potter died an agonizing death - mahal!!!) I resolve to read this as a "reward" - after I take and pass my candidacy exams this September (and read too the rest of the untouched books I have here).

So, please - shh...

Or else, I'm gonna strangle you all!!!
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