Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Rain, rain come here

The satellite image (as of 8pm tonight) above is from PAGASA, and just heard from the newsflash minutes ago, the rain today (which caused flood and heavy traffic in some parts of Metro Manila) will continue until Sunday.

Thinking about the rain
We all have our different thoughts when it comes to rain.

The last time I shared thoughts about it was with Carly and Jayme. It started to rain the moment we left Kris's and Ipe's place (when other friends played Monopoly Philippine edition - it was the day that their little Joey was baptized). As we went to Gateway mall, it started to rain - hard. And we exchanged thoughts about it - if I remember right, we all agreed that we dread the rain at times, but rain is OK as long as we're with our families (not worrying about a family member who might get stranded because of the rain), staying in the house, having comfort food (champorado, tinola, or any food fit for the weather), or curl up and read a really good book (plus hot choco or aroma-filled coffee).

And just checked my blog friends' latest posts, and I found that Julls and Shevs also just posted about the weather we're having now.

Breaking the spell
I thought then, when I was with Carly and Jayme, that was the official entry of the rainy season - I even blogged about it (but it was about my crying relating with raining, anyway).

But turned out it was not. Only two, three weeks ago that I learned - and most people as I imagined - that we're having a dry spell. Maybe we got stuck in the election and post-election events last summer that we - even the media - didn't really pick up right away about this weather condition we're experiencing.

The government is pushing for cloud seeding - which is helping to ease the dry spell. The so-called ridge that's blocking the southwesterly monsoon (that's bringing the rain) has been temporarily lifted that's why typhoon Chedeng made it's way here (and if I heard right, there's also a low-pressure area active now).

And thanks to prayers. The Archdiocese of Manila issued the Oratio Imperata to ask for rain. So far, we're getting the rain and this shows that really, formula prayer or not, as long as you're sincere about it, prayer does work.

Inviting rain
The dry spell's still on - passing a House bill to replace all yellow lights with white ones (among energy conservation tips), water rationing (if the dams don't get back to their normal levels), among other measures, are being pushed once this abnormal weather persists for the month. If we don't get enough rain, if I remember right from the news, the weather bureau here will officially declare a drought season by September. Hope not - never mind if I hate getting my umbrella wet (yeah, I hate it getting wet), many people here who subsist in farming, need all the rain they can get.

And we might get the reverse of El Niño - La Niña (heavy rains) toward the end of the year. This is another wake-up call how we've been neglectful of our environment: Other parts of the world (parts of England just experienced its worst floods in 60 years; Taiwan is bracing or braces for a tropical storm; South Asia flood victims now desperate for food, water) are also experiencing adverse weather conditions. Hope all things will be normal soon.

Going back, remember how we kids chanted "rain, rain, go away, come again another day..." and even drew smiling suns (yeah, lots of suns) on our neighborhood streets, so that we could all play.

Our elders offer eggs to St. Claire to ask for a sunny day on an important occasion (or as I just read, soon-to-weds offer eggs to the saint so it will not rain on their altar date). To date, we're praying for the reverse.

Now, I can't curl up and read a book on this rainy Tuesday night (I still have to finish Hillary Clinton's Living History - been reading this since March! Not that Sen. Clinton's a boring writer [although she's not brilliant exactly] but I-can't-just-sit-down-and-finish-this!). I have to spend the night (until early morning) working - writing that is.

And I'm also missing someone (he knows that, I think. But I understand :->). And it's not a rainy Monday (pardon to Rainy Days and Mondays by The Carpenters), but I now feel "hangin' around, nothing to do but frown, rainy days and Mondays always get me down." Bugger.

Even if this "down" feeling's nagging me now (argh), I'll not chant like I was a kid for the rain to go away. But let's just hope, more rain will come (and hopefully, not to cause any adverse effect at that).
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