Friday, September 21, 2007

Wake-up call

Phone calls when I'm in my deepest sleep never fail to wake me up. Bugger.

Anyway, I woke up due to a phone call from a former classmate in two or three classes at UP - she will also be taking the candidacy exams with me (plus another former classmate). She called to ask if I borrowed all the reading materials listed in our review list since most are all out and only to be returned on October 2 (and our exams are on October 9).

Shaken, and still lying on our bed while searching the ceiling for answers as to why I always have to wake up because of a phone call (mostly from work, not that I mind since it's work, but sometimes I do mind, hehehe), I told her, as "normal" as possible (since I didn't want to sound that I just woke up), that I haven't done any library work yet, and the only review I'm having is me seating in on Media Theory and Media, Gender, and Sexuality classes.

She was a bit rattled (understandable), since, if I remember her right (and wasn't that sleepyhead not to comprehend a thing she told me), is that, she hasn't started anything yet, and that, if she can't get any of those readings (they're quite a lot - and they are books, by the way), she might skip taking the exams (only if force majeure that the exams can be canceled - otherwise, we have to take it the following semester - and what a semester will be wasted at that). After, I sent her the number of that another classmate (who I learned just now, have the books we need).

With what she said, I told her one tip I got from my former classmates: don't really focus on the books. As per their experience, mostly current events and related matters are asked in the exams (of course, the theory part is inescapable). Meaning, read the newspapers (preferably highlights from present and going a year back), plus some related current events' readings.

I don't know if what I said relaxed her a bit. But her call was really a wake-up one for me - I really must balance my time from this day up to the exams. I really hope to wear that sablay not later than second semester of 2008 (and of course, there's the engagement and two wedding dates to attend to from now on....)

And my list to do starting tonight:

Send articles for approval for our content sharing - tonight, September 21

Complete list of those I will be sending complimentary copies of our latest issue - (and prepare them for delivery as well) - tomorrow, September 22

Get InDesign files of latest issue and pick to send for content sharing - September 22

Get cover art of our latest issue and upload to our Web site (plus the sneak peak) - September 22

Get all receipts and endorse (with partial liquidation plus some notes) – not later than Monday, September 24

Follow up schedule for cover story - September 24

Get schedule for another possible personality for cover (if original has no positive feedback yet by Monday) - not later than Monday night, September 24

Check with bank contact for story pitch (email and text that we should have interview not later than September 28) - September 24

Write three short articles needed for the magazine - target for complete submission: Tuesday, September 25

Write two features (those that are banked with me) - target for complete submission: Friday, September 28

Research, scan, print materials about an ad feature I'm doing - tomorrow, September 22

Submit draft of ad feature - not later than morning of Sunday, September 23 (accommodate corrections not later than morning of Monday, September 24)

Submit final ad feature – not later than morning of Monday, September 24

Read reports and write reaction papers for M260 - not later than Tuesday, September 25

Read theories, print discussions from e-group, draft questions (if I have) in time for the wrap up class on Wednesday - not later than Wednesday morning, September 26

Scan, print, and submit M260 final paper (and inform professor about it so I can still have my grade in time for the exams) - not later than Friday, September 28

= = = = =
Whew. Just listing all these things to do are overwhelming already - what more of accomplishing them? But I must. All the best for the crammers (like me).

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