Friday, March 14, 2008

From Melbourne with love

Our Valentine's photo when we arrived at Melbourne International Airport - I'm going home here at that - sigh

We're going to the Southland Shopping Mall for our Valentine's date

We're really a cute couple - over dinner invite at John's and Nuch's place

Clockwise - Robin, Nuch, me, Carol, and Robert (John's brother)

Robin, me, and Nuch were looking at the other camera

Where's my dinner?

As if I'm cooking here - at John's and Nuch's place

Going down at Chadstone Shopping Centre

Finally I'm driving my car

My baby, my car, finally

Reading Murakami here while waiting for Robin's car

Us at Port Melbourne

Robin's actually taking picture of the ships :P

Port Melbourne and it's windy

Cam whoring at the park

Bella the shitpoo (shitsu and poodle) meets this big, black poodle

"Bella, get the ball!" Robin says

Walking Bella to the park

Some of the souvenirs I bought from Queen Victoria market

Anti-Scientology rally at Flinders Street station (the placard says, "Honk if you oppose Scientology")

Waiting for Robin to get our sandwiches from one of the stalls at Queen Victoria market

Me at Queen Victoria Market with socks for sale as background

Queen Victoria Market's famous doughnuts - yummy

A Chinese restaurant was opening at Chapel St.

Mommy Lynda, Daddy Robin, and "our" Baby Bella

Me, Robin, Carol (standing) Nuch and Bill

Kiss from Robin over a romantic candle night dinner :P

Bill, John, and Nuch over Friday candle night dinner

St. Francis Catholic Church - the oldest in Victoria state. It also holds Filipino Mass every second Sunday of the month

The engagement ring looks better with my longer nails :P

I think I'm really cute here :P

Waiting for Bill

Robin made me bacon and egg sandwich - burp!

Cadbury Easter egg chocolates for midnight snacks

Bill's sleeping, Robin's bored :P

Yes, Robin finally downloaded the second batch of over 270 photos of my remaining stay with him in Melbourne, that was from February 5 to 14 - Valentine's Day - yes, I left my mahal on the night of Valentine's to come home here. Sigh.

Robin just can't believe how much of a cam whore am I - the moment he was not looking, I am quick to snap away a photo or photos of me, or him (he's surprised also I took lots of photos of him, him being unaware most of the time at that, hahaha), or whatever would catch my attention that time.

I am just happy to see these photos again - they remind me more of the time I got to spend in Melbourne, with Robin's mates, and definitely with Robin - the very reason why I was in Melbourne was to spend quality, well-deserved time with my mahal.

I told Robin, from now on, he will have lots of pictures of him (see, he has a Canon camera, plus his Nokia camera phone, but seldom he's using them, so I'll be using them on his behalf, haha). Also, I'll continue to be a cam whore so we'll have more pictures to keep - pictures of us, always, together.

And even if without camera, we will both smile and laugh together, as Robin and I both really want to make our relationship strong, and as much as possible, always happy at that.

There goes the select pictures. I also uploaded those - and some more - to Friendster.
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