Sunday, March 23, 2008

How's the egg hunting?


Testing if I can still write as I shut down my writing skills the past three days. Seems I'm still not on the work mode, but anyway:

Happy Easter! Hope we Christians took time to reflect in the past week - only one week out of a busy year when we can all reflect, and yes, go away on vacation.

I say I had quite a holy week - was with my Varsitarian friends and our adviser for our annual Visita Iglesia. That was our eighth, I missed the first one in 2001 due to migraine, which every Holy Thursday I am reminded of that by my friends. I made sure I wouldn't miss the Visita Iglesia this year, as it might be my last, or if ever, next year, I'll time my vacation during Holy Week to spend time with them again.

I took that Holy Thursday not only to bond with my friends, but to thank God for the blessings, the strength, the will to continue, to fulfill the challenges that are coming my way. At every church (we visited seven churches), I thanked and prayed for the same intentions - for my family, my career, my studies, my finances, my health and of my loved ones, and of course, for the gift of love that I'm having, and very much willing and hoping to keep for life.

Found out also that my adviser and I where baptized at the same church - Our Lady of Sorrows in Pasay City, and that during his youth (which was ___ years ago) he and his family also was attending the Baclaran Church, the same church where mommy used to bring me since we lived in Paranaque when she was teaching at Philippine School for the Deaf in Pasay City. Now, I have something in common with our venerated Pope, I mean publications adviser, hehehe.

The rest of the Holy Week I spent resting, as Thursday night I had runny nose (actually it started Tuesday), felt feverish, and started to have a hoarse voice. I missed attending the pre-Easter Mass at EDSA Shrine. Been attending that for five years, also with my Varsitarian friends. Still, my voice is manly now and I'm coughing.

And, now, I'm having a hard time to cure myself from addiction to House M.D. Little brother bought DVDs of seasons 1 to 3 of that medical drama and those we're watching since Good Friday - two episodes to go and will be finished with season 2.

I say it's the best Fox is airing so far, and that Hugh Laurie as Gregory House M.D. is brilliant, despicable, tormented TV character you will both love and hate at the same time. More than the drama underlying in each medical case presented by the program, the biting and witty lines got me hooked on this show.

So, there goes my Holy Week. How was yours? And in case you don't know why a bunny and colored eggs have become classic images of Easter, here is why.
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