Monday, March 10, 2008

I'm craving for them all

I have a huge craving now - and the food I'm craving are those I had when I was in Melbourne:

On our way to Marysville for our Australia Day long weekend, we stopped by at McDonald's (they call it "Mackers," as per my fiance)

I ordered for Mc Nuggets with Honey Mustard sauce, French fries, and Coke - I was comforted with that meal

In a true Australian way, we had barbeque on Australia Day, which Bill did for us

I also had a huge Grilled burger (their classic one, plus chips and apple juice), on Monday when we came back from Marysville

I finally had Krispy Kreme (been wanting to try them here before, but no chance, funny I got to try them when I was in Melbourne) - I had original and choco glazed flavors, with appple juice we got from Transport bar

I also had Mexican there - it was a beef and baked potato dish, didn't finish it though, Bill and Robin helped me finished it

This time, we got Urban burger from somewhere in Port Melbourne

Then Nuch (Thai wife of John, John's a good mate of Robin) came over and cooked Thai dishes for us - cool - actually they were spicy hot

I miss toasts, bacons, and eggs for breakfast, prepared for me by Robin

I'm craving for katsudon, this one we had it in an Asian restaurant in Chapel St.

Another brunch of toasts, bacons, and eggs made by Robin

I had banana fritters for dessert (buttered, deep-fried banana served with ice cream) - Robin said this is an Aussie dessert, but Chinese restaurants there are serving it - yes, I had it in a Chinese restaurant

I also like M&M, I sort them first by color before melting them in my mouth

Robin cooked adobo for me - he said I should be ashamed an Aussie like him cooked that dish for a Filipino like me!

I tell you, his adobo was fantastic!!!

Robin also brought me to a Chinese restaurant in city's Chinatown which serves yummy yam cha

The next day, Robin prepared Japanese - pork katsu

The pork katsu and beef curry cooked by Robin

= = = = =

There are lots of food pictures I took, but the bulk of them are still with Robin.

Definitely, I can have here all these food I posted.

However, more than craving for them and wanting to eat them again soonest, surely they would be more delightfully good when I get to have them again with my mahal.

Yes, I just miss my mahal terribly, that's why this food post...can't wait to be with him again, to eat good food, to converse, to laugh with, to walk with, to hold hands with, above all, to spend quality time with him.
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