Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The pictures are here!!!

The night I arrived in Melbourne - together again after 2 months or so


After frustrating (and telling people asking for photos) that my copies of the first batch of our 400 plus photos of my Melbourne vacation were saved as DVD file and not as JPEG, finally, I'm able to capture those.

I spent my Sunday afternoon searching for freeware to convert DVD file into screenshots (our able artist from MoneySense taught me to try the Print Screen technique, but turned out it doesn't work on video file).

So I searched online and I found Video Snapshots - it was an answered prayer. But it's not exactly great since it has no playback so you tend to capture a scene as it fades to another scene, ergo, the shadowy effect of the prior or the next photo sandwiching the image you try to capture. I'll search again for a more reliable freeware to capture the rest of the photos, while Robin is safekeeping for now all our photos from that weeks we spent together in Melbourne.

More than obsessing with having the photos downloaded, and beyond sentimentality reasons, looks like we need to guard with our lives those photos of us - Robin and I and with friends - since those will form an essential part when it's time we would be working on our papers for us to be really together.

Anyway, out of 265 photos, I'm able to capture 40 plus (plus Robin sent me a couple last night through MSN photo swap), that I already uploaded in Friendster. Of course, since I'm happy of this accomplishment, I also posted two of our nicest photos in this post, and the rest in Picasa.

Well, I believe we're the cutest Fil-Aussie couple ever!!! :P
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