Sunday, March 16, 2008

We're kids at heart

Saturday night, another night to chat with my fiance, as chatting via MSN is mainly our communication.

He looked to be busy for a while, as I saw him on web cam. It turned out he stumbled upon something - the MSN handwriting - an option in MSN chat where you actually get to write, to draw, and to send your handwritten messages to your contact you're chatting with.

It proved to be fun (for him at first, since I wasn't able to enable it right away) - he was like a kid scribbling at that. Today, when I signed in, I greeted him with my personal, handwritten messages:

I followed up:

Mushily I wrote:

And I drew "us":

He replied after a while, asked me how long it took me to install the software to enable MSN handwriting. He even lambasted the stick figures of us that I drew, saying his version of "us" is much better - well, I agree. He said that what he drew Saturday night were us walking under cherry blossoms - but there were no cherry blossoms around! Hahaha!

Then I drew him on a vessel:

He said he hopes he wouldn't drive on a small vessel like what I drew - well, surely he will not. For me, he's the most handsome and great sea captain in the whole wide world (I'm biased, I know, hehehe).

I drew my favorites also:

Those were doughnuts and coffee - he guessed the first one as doughnut, the last one coffee, but the second one he said it was a potato - duh!

Mushy me I wrote again, this time in red ink:

He wrote back:

Then I gave him a flower:

Before I sent that it was a flower I drew, he guessed it as a helicopter. Duh! He said, oh! sorry, so I replied:

He responded:

I admitted though:

He proudly wrote:

I retorted:

Then we talked about how we're writing in MSN - he suggested what if he lets other people see my "handwriting" and tell them that's of his fiancee, what would they think, he asked me? I said the same to him, and he replied we write (or as for me, to put it other way) we're:

I replied:

He first asked me this, that's why we're engaged now, I asked him this also whenever I feel like it as being mushy to him, but this was the first time I get to "write" it:

And like how I affirmed to him then, he replied:

This MSN handwriting is proving to be fun for us, as it added a new dimension to our communication. As if we're actually writing to each other - like how couples back then were exchanging handwritten love letters.

Although I made a couple of notes for him in my own handwriting, Robin's stumbling upon MSN handwriting affirmed something that I already knew about him from the start - he never fails to surprise me, and always shows a new angle to his affections toward me.

When he was practicing on his "handwriting," he also drew a face of me, a cat (which I didn't recognize as a cat since he said the cat is being viewed from behind), the stick figures of us that I cited earlier, and when I asked him to draw a flower, he drew a hyacinth (and yes, it looked like a hyacinth).

But what really made me grinned, and yes, teary-eyed, was when he wrote - "I love you", followed by a heart. It was the first time that he "actually" wrote "I love you" to me, though he never fails to SMS or say or express it to me.

I retorted, his handwriting is proving to be that of a kindergarten. He replied, in his writing, "still, i love you." That's when I cried and laughed at the same time. He said at first, I'm just hormonal, I replied, maybe, but I'm just really touched with his "gesture." He said it doesn't take much to please me, and he gave me his sweet, or what he calls, his "kind" smile.

And as we ended our chat for tonight, we exchanged "I love yous" in our handwriting. I wrote:

He replied:

I ended:

He capped:

We're like kids in doing this - see how we write via MSN handwriting - but I guess, that's what we are - we're still kids at heart - and we'll surely find more ways to enjoy being with each other, and to stay happy for most of the time, together, for the rest of our lives.
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