Thursday, March 13, 2008

You are what you eat

Took this test from Tickle, and here's the results for me:

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Erratic eaters tend to have erratic schedules on the whole, and tend to ingest their biggest meals, and heartiest snacks during the evening and nighttime hours. While the evening meal is what they focus most on — and sometimes it can occupy much of their night — how much they eat and when they eat their meals varies day to day. Eating three square meals a day is not their style. Instead, they're the type to skip breakfast or grab something small. They also eat lunch at erratic times as well. One day they may eat a good meal at noon, while the next they might grab a handful of crackers at 4pm with dinner at 6pm.

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So true of me.

I always intend to eat healthy - but there are foods that don't really appeal to me - right, those who are named nutritious foods at that.

Breakfast for me is really fast - and small. Coffee and two pieces of bread and I'm fine. I only get to eat fried rice and bacon and longganisa and whatever is served on the breakfast buffet whenever I'm out on a junket and staying in a resort or a hotel.

But to some credit for me, I like ampalaya or bitter gourd cooked with egg and pork. I learned to like it when I was in Grade 3 and my mother was so happy I was starting to eat healthy, since I was the typical "fried chicken" kid - Max's was near our place then, so every time my father would come home, he had a bag of Max's fried chicken for us. I still like fried chicken, I think most of us do.

When I was in late grade to high school, I was able to help at home and cook occasionally - I even cooked ampalaya and beef adobo (this was an experiment, hehe). But I never continued that cooking habit so now I'm cramming to learn to really cook since it would be unfair to my husband-to-be (who's a great cook!) that it would only be him who will be cooking for us, considering he would be coming from work at that.

I also sometimes eat much when I'm with my friends - who all love to eat. My fiance also eats well, and is always on the lookout for something really satisfying whenever we're out for lunch or dinner. I guess those are the only times I eat, as in really eat. At home, I can eat up to two plates of rice, especially when mommy cooks a dish that's really nice. Or if she makes spaghetti, there's no stopping for me at that, haha, or her vermicelli special, wow. Now, I'm craving for carbonara, the one cooked by my mahal. Sigh.

But having too much sweets (I love doughnuts and cakes) and relying on fast food since most of the time I'm always on the go (I'm a Jollibee kid also!) are not really healthy. But I find comfort in eating them, and I can last a day having only doughhuts or cakes or Jollibee (surprisingly, I'm not getting fat in eating them, well, not yet, so my fiance envies how can I enjoy so much doughnuts without worrying of getting fat).

I seek healthy foods only when I'm sick or I have my period like right now - earlier I took a trip to SM Makati supermarket to get bananas, vegetables for chop suey, chicken breasts, and cranberry juice (yes, trying it since I was told way before to try it for my period and possible bladder infection - read it also has antioxidant benefits - will try later, not sure though if I'll like it). I like apples also, and I sometimes crave for apple shake.

Realizing I'm an erratic eater (only Tickle test results truly confirmed it), I'm now vowing to be more health-conscious of what I eat.

Don't tell me though to give up doughnuts and cakes and Jollibee and other fast foods - I know I can't live without those.

But I'll try to have a balance diet, couple that with a more relaxed, everyday life. Maybe, that way, I'll be a good eater at that.

So, do you eat healthy?
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