Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Birthday Greetings for Robin O'Connor Lockwood

My one-and-only

Dear all,


Going straight to the point - I have a favor to ask - I'm hatching a "surprise" for my fiance, Robin, whose birthday is on Wednesday, June 11 - since I'm here (and yes, we've been away from each other for close to four months now), I am thinking here to gather as many birthday greetings for him as possible - ideally equal to his age by Wednesday (please, don't ask me though how young he will be then). He's in Cairns, Queensland, Australia now for work, and has not much friends there (since his mates are mostly in Melbourne, and I'm not discussing with him lately about his birthday - makes me sad and tearful we're not together for this occasion).

Please, if you have time, especially those who met Robin, or I've shared with stories about him and our love life, or got to know Robin, and us, through my blogs and his blog, hope you greet him (or add him) in your Friendster account (if it's not too much to ask, hahaha) - (Robin Lockwood, location Singapore - see that was where he was when we met, he seldom visits his Friendster and updates his account, only when he gets messages from online stalkers, sheesh).

Or take time to visit his Windows Live Spaces and kindly leave a birthday greeting for him.

Please, please, please??? Hope a lot of people will greet him on his ___birthday this Wednesday, June 11.

Thank you very much!
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