Sunday, July 13, 2008

The first night - When I Met Robin

It was a year ago that we came across each other's profile on a site (that I had no idea it was a dating site! Thought it was just like the "harmless" Friendster, lol).

I say there was something in him that caught my attention - maybe it was his snobbie look in this photo?

The photo that made me fall for Robin :P - in his apartment in Italy, 2007

More than his being snobbie-looking here, hands down, his green eyes, his chiseled nose, his shapely lips, I instantly got attracted to him, he has this charm that I couldn't resist right then and there, and I thought, maybe it would be worth a try to try have him as an online friend?

In Singapore where he was working then, he was also checking my profile (since the site alerts instantly who among the members are visiting your profile). He dropped a line to me (as there was a chat component in that site) - if I remember right, following "hi" he asked me if I'm really a writer - and I said yes, and off we went to chat for that early morning of July 12, 2007.

He also remarked I look attractive (in a cute way) in my profile photo, look young for my age (I was 26 here? When this photo was taken by my friend Lyn, when we were cam-whoring at McCafe in Greenbelt 1, across AIM). And he said also I'm kind-looking. Well, you be the judge :P

After that chat online via that site, we moved to chat via MSN, and a brief attempt to speak via Skype (since the laptop I'm using just went off - can't take video, phone calls here, argh), I signed out and the following day, I saw his e-mail:

From: robin
Sent: Thursday, July 12, 2007 5:24:43 PM
To: lynda

Dear Lynda,

I very much enjoyed our conversation over the net last night and am very
much looking forward to another opportunity to speak with you soon. Even
though i did indeed have panda eyes first thing this morning, of which my
dark ray-bans could hardly conceal. But like i say it's a small price to pay
for the privilege to have spoken half the night with you.

I'm at work at the moment and will be staying on board all night as the crew
has shore leave and i'm keeping watch, till we meet again, adieu ma petite.

Regards, Robin

And to my surprise, I found myself replying to his e-mail, saying:

Sorry about the panda eyes
From: lynda
Sent: Friday, 13 July 2007 12:53:03 AM
To: robin

Dear Robin,

Thank you for your e-mail.

And sorry about the panda eyes :-) Me too, I was too sleepy from writing, transcribing, and chatting with you, but it's all right - I got myself a new online friend. Thank you for your time.

Yeah, until our next chat.

Take care.


From then on, we continued to chat, about a lot of topics - well, like any other, our conversation get quite heated when it comes to religion (me being a Roman Catholic, him being non-religious - I remember that was the main thing we talked about over the phone on the third night we were chatting). Yes, to my shock again, I gave him my phone number at this early (so I thought) And after I had to leave him online, the next day, I found his e-mail:

going to bed‏
From: robin
Sent: Saturday, July 14, 2007 2:50:11 AM
To: lynda

Dear Lynda,

Sorry that you had to rush off to bed so early as it's only 2:45 in the
morning, however there were a few things that were left unsaid between us,
firstly good night secondly that you and i should be bound in an everlasting
relationship that won't fail through thick and thin. Too heavy? You're
absolutely right, but that's what i'm looking for in a relationship and i'd
like to think that you were to. I think about you lots and look very much
forward to talking to you.... Tomorrow

Your Capt. Robin.

And I was quite shock with what he wrote - but dismissed it as his being well, quite intoxicated that night, haha, drinking Chardonay at that - as politely as I could, I replied to him:

RE: going to bed‏
From: lynda
Sent: Sunday, July 15, 2007 12:39:20 AM
To: robin


As i was telling you over the phone earlier, and with the messages i left you via skype and MSN, i needed to go to sleep - had work as early as 7:30am....

yes, what you said was too heavy - everybody wants an everlasting relationship (or what you're referring to is a romantic, sexual, relationship?) - but i don't think that's what i'm after now (a commitment, that is - i'm kind of afraid, and unprepared for that - if my guess about what you're asking is right)....

and i already like being long-distant friend with you, and get to know you better also, but it seems, i somewhat impressed you that much :-) which is "weird" - i'm not assuming, but try also to look elsewhere, maybe closer to you, to find what you "really" wanted....

until next chat with you.


p.s. i had not only panda eyes (like i just finished crying - since i slept barely 3 hours) but my head is splitting with ache too (until now) :-( i hope you're fine, and not having what i had the whole day :-)

And he got my reply, but had no Internet that time, so he sent me a SMS, saying:

Hi, Lynda, saw your e-mail this morning and saw what I’d written to you. I had been drinking Chardonay when I was talking to you. So I do hope I didn’t put you off too much. I’m at sea at the moment and Internet won’t work. I’ll write a more sensible e-mail next time. Take care, Robin. (04:08:49pm/15-07-2007)

Of course, we didn't end there - and I can't believe it has been a year already! We're maybe separated by distance, but I am just blessed that our hearts are very much united in loving each other.

We left that site close to a week since we started communicating - yes, that was instrumental for us getting together. I am just happy that I tried it, and shun my worries about befriending people online, and much more, meeting on a dating site! I am just blessed also that I met a nice man online in the person of Robin (I also made friends to some members from the site, prior to meeting Robin, but I lost contact with them already - well, I hope, like me, they found the love they deserve). The same goes for Robin, who tried that site, Friendster, upon the recommendation of his first mate then, hahaha (thanks to you, Mel!)

I was only reminded of our anniversary yesterday when I checked my phone calendar when I woke up today - I was busy with work yesterday, and when we were chatting after he beat me again in MSN Solitaire Showdown, he noticed how tired-looking I was, and sent me to bed already to get some rest (think he saw me falling asleep while chatting with him, hahaha). Sorry!

We're still relying on the Internet and mobile phone for our communication, to keep in touch, to be together - but we're heading toward there, to a life of togetherness.

There goes our love story - it is so great to find the one who will love you and whom you will love as well. And I hope all, like me and Robin, are basking in this gift called love.

To Robin, happy anniversary - I will always love you very much, mahal!
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