Sunday, June 06, 2010


"Hi" is not the word.

After two weeks to be exact when he sent that crushing e-mail, we almost both signed in at the same time earlier tonight, him just a few seconds behind.

My fingers were quick than my pride, I dropped a "hi," officially breaking my silence that I maintained for 14 days.

He was quick to reply, "hi."

Encouraged, I dropped "hello."

Three minutes after, no reply. Wanting to start a conversation, I dropped that if he knows the movie Karate Kid and further detailed I was watching it  - for the nth time - but earlier, it was dubbed in Filipino that made it funny.

No reply, his status was "away" and until perhaps an hour, he signed off already.


I should have kept quiet. And the curt "hi" was just that, a curt "hi."

He probably came from a Saturday night out, had drinks, having a headache like he always do after a couple of drinks lately in his 43 years, and chose to sleep than chat to, for him, his already "ex-fiancee" - dumped by him.

I better shut up. And wait if something better than "hi" will be said in the coming days.

Or not, or none at all ....
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